Getting Dirty With The Dirt

As the Saints of Los Angeles Mötley Crüe warrants a documentary however for now The Dirt their biopic on Netflix is Straight Outta Compton for White People. (I haven’t see Bohemian Rhapsody…haven’t been on airplane for a bit…maybe when it’s on Netflix?)

The Dirt (while a deeply flawed movie…it’s not even good in parts) is a disheartening symbol of how sanitized and sterilized our pop culture has become. And is becoming! Remember when rock n roll (and comedy!!) were dangerous? Those were good times. Sigh.

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Go With The Flow?

Resolve right now to longer be a stool pigeon in 2019 but rather:

Do What You Love

Love What You Do

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The Heat Is On!!!

At the risk of sounding like Glenn Fry: The Heat Is On! First gloriously hot Summer day: the Sun with all its heat and potential and promises is here.

So beautiful; go outside and collect that warm hug.

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Illuminated Chronicles: Jack White On Inspiration

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Well now…so far 2017 smells like 2016. Still…New Year, New Hope and most important: New Work! When it comes to work Jack White is an ideal source of inspiration.

From the documentary Under Great White Northern Lights this is how hard Jack works:

Which of course prompts the question: How Hard Are You Working?

2017…let’s do this thing!!

Gonna start Nick Hasted’s bio Jack White: How He Built an Empire From the Blues soon.

Sammy Younan @ W • T • F

Ziggy Was Here January 8, 1947 – January 10, 2016

Out of Nowhere: Steph Curry vs Batman

Steph Curry’s jaw-dropping 32/35 footer to win the game and hearts of NBA fans while stabbing OKC in the front has now established him as a Premier Player.

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No Permission Slip

“We never just thought we were supposed to wait our turn,” Kevin Durant said. “We always wanted to go and take everything.”

These are Kevin Durant quotes from 2012. They didn’t win that year but the philosophy is sound.

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Kobe & I Have Contradictions In Common

This ESPN Kobe Article:

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Father’s Day

August 2001…first time I visited London.

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this is what it sounds like…

We used to gaze up at the stars with awe and wonder….
We struggled to reach the moon and paid in full the high cost to befriend the cosmos.

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Model Dreams

Sweet moment on the streetcar:

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