Al Capone & My Other High School

Today is warm and amazing.

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7 Excellent Cigar Smoking Tunes

I smoke cigars. Not because it’s cool, not because I’m trying to impress you and not because I have a beef with my health. A cigar is a forced slowdown, a break from the ordinary rush, the difference between scanning and reading. A cigar is chilling. I can’t imagine how Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson smokes cigars at work. Why equate something designed for chilling with working? That’d be like using a hot tub to hold business meetings. (Actually this isn’t a bad idea, will file away this one to explore later…).

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Lack of Romance Leads To Bromance…

Oh hell yes…just realized I’m wedding free this Summer. Booya!

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8 Truths I Learned From Entourage: No. 2

No Pants

Am I the only one who thought the entire notion of going to school at 8:30am every single morning ridiculous? I’m a night owl…I only get to work, real work by 11pm or so. I suppose the logic was to prepare you for “the real world” and yet many businesses allow employees to work from home, flexhours and other similar perks. So: school is out of touch with reality. No matter. What school did get right was Summer. Yes Guy!

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Mexico’s Lucky Man

In Mexico sipping the Sunset with a “Summer breeze” so luscious I could live forever as I coax Lucky Man outta my player when before I could spark my cigar the song proves prophecy as a small girl squeals with mad delight as her strong daddy chases her—his affection as evident as the setting Sun—the only thing to do was send the song out to him: Lucky Man for true as I leaned back & lit the cigar with cool smoke.

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