SXSW Panel Picker: The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds

The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds Alright so here it be…our SXSW panel is now live!

It’s called The Innovation Seduction: Musicians Meeting Nerds. It’s about how musicians need to get going and start seeking soft innovations. Mash up the scene, yo!

And you know what? I want to get it. I don’t care about the odds. And I don’t want to get it for my own fame or glory. No.

I want to get it because the folks assembled here the A-Team. They are the best kept secrets but it’s time to blab. They should all be household names, with every move covered by TMZ and in interviews they should be casually remarking they are bigger than Jesus.

Plus I’m too old to do something small.

Introductions: here are the folks on the SXSW panel:

Karim Awad is the Q to my James Bond: when it comes to the technical stuff he always makes me look good. He is the Principal and Creative Director of big time design & communication which…in this small space I can’t even describe all the cool things those gents get into. Karim enjoys painting.

Travis Persaud is a writer, editor for Chart (RIP), Exclaim, Zoomer and I dunno what else. I dunno how many bands he’s seen, maybe he doesn’t other, but he is guy from Almost Famous, he hangs out with the bands. 5-9 Productions is his shift into PR and marketing and as my shrink: dude always takes the time to listen to me.  Travis enjoys quality cigars.

Lana Gay lives in Vancouver blogging, twittering, djing and so much more for CBC3; her delightful show is called Lanarama. Naturally curious always playful she would totally fit in on Pirate Radio (she’s damn funny!). Lana enjoys Scooby-Doo.

So…go: get people to vote. Ring the alarm. Spread the word about this panel and let’s see what can we do to make it happen.

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