S’up Cuz Podcast #2

DC and myself return for another engaging S’up Cuz podcast. The topic is 2012’s Summer Movies.

With such an extravaganza of spectacle there’s lots to debate, cross arms, count down the days to opening screening and more. Plus: female celebrities, who is accessible? Who you think you could successfully close? Things that make you go hmmmm….

S’up Cuz Podcast #2:

Podcast Notes:
DC stands for…

Police Academy reference:
Michael Winslow (podcast correction: yes he’s still alive)
{For some odd reason, Sammy drops 2 Police Academy movie references…}

Do you go back? “Sentimental Journey…”

Summer 2012 Movies

G.I. Joe 2:
Movie’s title is G.I. Joe: Retaliation (and sadly, since this podcast was recorded been pushed back to March 2013. And even worse is being converted to 3D. So fired!!)
Elodie Yung plays Jinx
Q: Which female Joe would you date?
Baroness debate…can anybody handle that?
Destro showers? And how does Destro handle eye boogers?

Dark Shadows:
Sammy is out!
The great Tim Burton debate…

DeNiro’s Shame

MIB 3:
DC: Mid 90s…too much visual noise but not enough substance

The Amazing Spider-Man:
Sammy’s arms are crossed (so much rage)!

Emma Stone…trapped in the friendship zone?
What other celebrities are accessible? Salma Hayek vs Eva Mendes vs Anne Hathaway

The Dictator:
DC’s probably out.

Sammy’s so in.

God Bless America:
Sammy asks: do you know who directed it? (hint Police Academy!)

Piranha 3DD

Snow White & The Huntsmen:
(Sammy was confused with Enchanted while DC was talking about Mirror Mirror)
Sammy on the cover of Tiger Beat? Ladies line up single file.


Swords & sandal movies vs boobies & sandals

Rock of Ages:
Sammy’s out!
The Tom Cruise Formula.

Magic Mike:
A stripper with a heart of gold. Is there any other kind?
“My new life money.”

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

To confirm it’s written and directed by Oliver Stone
Sammy confuses Any Given Sunday with the Chow Yun Fat movie The Corruptor. (It happens).

DC has only seen 1 Woody Allen movie.
Sammy confuses Midnight In Paris with Paris in Love and I think…Shoot Em Up.

3 Punisher movies…is that really necessary?

The Expendablies 2:
Jet Lee’s American movie disappoint (Podcast Correction: He was not in Exit Wounds)

The Dark Knight Rises:
DC leave the porch light on for Superman.

Superman II:
Sammy’s Fun Fact: Niagara Falls kid (Hadley Kay) grew up to become the voice of….

S’up Cuz Slang:
Scarlett So Bamsee = Scarlett Johansson
Bamsee = Witness The Fitness…a particularly attractive and curvy woman.

On Your Nose-The roughest of all beatings. Part comeuppance part karma all pain. When you get dunked on…that’s On Your Nose. When a celebrity tries to play the “Do you know who I am?” card to get into a club and fails…that’s On Your Nose.

You Got Served! from the movie of the same name. This isn’t a S’up Original but we’re gonna try and bring it back. Won’t you join us?

Anything else you don’t understand email and ask. Thanks for listening.


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