Steady Productivity

Does Jay-Z record a song every day?

Bowie has always been considered prolific: yet does he go to the studio every single day to bang out hits?

U2…Bruce Springsteen…you name any large band and they have the means to record. Doesn’t matter if it’s on a laptop in a hotel room or a professional recording studio. They have the means. Means is not the same as productivity.

Fireman have the means, though not necessarily always rescuing cats or putting out fires every single day. Do we pay them any less for fire-less days or issue poor performance reviews for just “sitting around?”

What about Spider-Man does he save New York City from Doc Ock every day? Batman rescues Gotham…actually ignore the Batman example. Arkham Asylum is a sieve…I dunno how they keep anybody there.

As I wrestle through productivity I’m seeing with fresh eyes just how absurd that notion of productivity is now. It doesn’t equate to Artistic output as I’m not making a product…I am not a factory. I don’t strive for productivity which sounds so lazy in a capitalist society.

It’s like being sweet on a girl and counting only proper dates as productivity. All the texts, emails and phone calls, sure while they propel and allow the relationship to build momentum yet those activities “don’t count” because nothing is “accomplished.” But dates…dates are metrics, it’s how we measure everything in relationships. “Don’t sleep with him on the first date.” “How many dates until or before…” well you can pick: have sex, move in together, meet his parents etc. How many dates until we are are a couple (going steady!)? The dating metrics of going steady.

Means without a system is not productivity. And I can live with that.


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