Star Wrecked: Into Darkness We All Go

I wish the Westboro Church’s hate and protestingness could be harnessed for good. Like organizing an effective boycott against “Star Trek” 2 for failing to be cannon for example.

Having JJ…the genius behind Gone Fishing create an alternative Trek timeline is irresponsible. Go get him Westboro (actually that’s mean I wouldn’t wish that on anyone).

My beef with “Star Trek” 2 (and 1) is that they have no value: they contribute nothing to overall Trek; they don’t move the saga forward, they don’t bring me back into that familiar world. It’s disrespectful to the entire Trek, rich with all kinds of established characters, stories and plots.

You don’t need to create an alternative timeline! But if you are gonna do it, do it properly!

2009 Star Trek badly faltered badly…the reason you create an alternative timeline is so there are no sacred cows. In comics there’s a great mini-series called Superman: Red Son…he lands in Communist Russia not Smallville. Fun story. But of course…it’s not our Superman. Anything can happen. You can kill Batman in an alternative timeline. Freedom is the value alternative timelines provide to creators.

Nobody died in the first Star Trek! Why would you create an alternative timeline where everybody is still alive??! Don’t just tweak or even rehash history…have the balls to do something bold…BIG. Look at Days of Future Past in X-Men…so many of them died!

You don’t need the current (aging) actors: there are ways for them to cameo, float in and out of the story while you bring in the youth. Don’t be lazy…present a crew that’s some Voyager, some original, some Next Gen.

Do something outrageous. They did not and will not.

I expect more mediocrity from the second.


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