Sonic Highways First Impression

So Sonic Highways…that new Foo show on HBO? Skipped my usual Saturday morning cartoons and fired that up instead.
2 things:

1) I can’t stand looking back. I’ve no interest in the past: when I read biographies I skip the born/school years crap: just get to when the work begins. All you can do with the past is understand it with the future you can build it. I can’t stand the past.

2) This show comes off a lot like Rattle and Hum: U2’s late 80s doc. That earned them backlash for being pretentious and worse trying to equate themselves with the established greats (in their case Bob Dylan and BB King). Be interesting to see if a similar backlash will develop for the Foos (though I believe being an American band with roots in punk (2 things U2 do not have) is gonna give em a free pass).

I’ll be back for the next episode.


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