Solo Efforts Makes A Community

By the way…we’ll talk about Picard in a moment however can we talk about me for a moment?

The My Pal Sammy episodes…the solo ramblings podcasts I record? They are actively and consistently downloaded all this past month.

I just record them and post em. I don’t promote them or really mention them. (My Pal Sammy: Kobe Bryant (RIP Black Mamba) one was the first one I sorta promoted via the My Pal Sammy newsletter.)

It’s shocking to me. It means a) people are googling the most random stuff and it is coming up and 2) people seem to dig em? Is that how I’m supposed to read that?

In a month I posted 2 brand new interviews/episodes My Pal Sammy: Round 2 Episode 2 (The Chosen 3) podcast was my second most consumed episode for January. And in the UK as well as across America.

Super strange.

I don’t know how the internet works.


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