Shape Up

I am bent out of shape.

What I simply cannot stand is the shape.

Back in the day there was slang and a mentality that espoused “be there or be square,” square identified as being not-hip, not current.

Yet that silly square mentality/judgement is only applied to humans and their actions not their products. The pages I put in my printer, my books, most of my tables and worse every single picture I will ever take is fenced in by those four sharp corners: the square.

I’m sick and tired of the 4 corners.

I want my pictures to be circles, triangles, diamonds, shapes so many shapes.

And I don’t see why with the current advances in digital photography this isn’t a standard option in these new fangled cameras well except that all viewers are squares or rectangles, the standards.

I dunno why we struggle so hard to “think outside the box” when it’s much better, effective, to break down and destroy the boxes.

I wanna think outside the circle.

I wanna chill in the diamond.

I wanna seethe in a trapezoid.

I want to see innovation taking shape.

My hope is these are the shapes to come.


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