Saturday Kings

One sure sign you’re getting older and leaving childhood behind is when you set the alarm for…a Saturday morning.  What the heck!

Saturdays just aren’t spent any more sleeping away or even better in bed, my 3 CD changer all loaded up with fresh discs and a small pile of books—my rations—bedside and I can just wile the day away dozing and reading and chillin’ with tunes.

We gotta get up and do all the stuff we couldn’t do all week because we were trapped at work.  But that’s the thing.  Considering a lot of us don’t work on Saturday and considering a lot of us get paid on Friday then…Saturday should really be a day when we live like kings.  Like the rich live.

We don’t have to work so why set the alarm?  We can get out of bed anytime we want, just like the rich.  In fact we can wake up and try to find a reason to get out of bed.  I got out of bed today to watch Justice League.  Oh sure I could’ve gone out to help the poor, spend time with a lonely elderly person but nope.  Justice League got me out of bed.  And when Justice League is done I just may go back to bed.

Or I’ll go to the library and stock up on books and CDs and DVDs and comic books.  If Sunday afternoons were designed for naps (they were) then Saturdays were designed for comic books.  This is how I would live if I was rich.  And on Saturday I can show that.  No work is gonna monopolize 8 hours of my day…I got an entire 24 hours to myself.  Still blissfully single even my Saturday night is free, no obligations!  I’m gonna go buy fries & gravy from Tony or if I’ve been a good boy I’ll get a large grape drink with that order.  Wow…salivating as I type.

I’m claiming back my Saturdays don’t busy me up on them.  Unless you are a book or a cd or a dvd or a comic book go away!  Plus with all the snow on the ground I just can’t find any incentive to get dressed.  Egyptian cotton pjs are just so warm and fuzzy!  Ringer is turned off on the phone I pay all that money for voicemail anyways may as well make use of it.  Yes sir…I am good to go!

If only Tony delivered fries & gravy and a large grape drink…


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