RSVPed A Tea Party

Oh. Wow! I’d only read about them in magazines, seen some things on tv but I’d never encountered one in real life. I finally got to meet a real life, 100% genuine American tea partier!

I have American family and friends who live on a wide range on the political spectrum…about the only thing we agree upon is benevolence. We’re not always going to agree and I am cool with that.

Curious: I had to know if all the stories were true. I couldn’t help myself, I just had to have some fun with this.

So I started…”Hey, you guys have a BLACK president. How is that working out for you…having a BLACK president?”

So much rage…it was like being the dry cleaner who shrunk Hulk’s purple pants.

“What do you think of Canada…is it too socialist?”

She started her diatribe with “you people…” oh snap I wish I could get a refill on my tea, this is heating up.

Socialism lead to the reprehensible nature of poor people but sadly I ran out of time to get into it regarding gays and guns.

It was all so gloriously crazy. She had standard opinions on everything except…when I asked her what the last documentary she was or what’s the last couple of non-fiction books she read.

Just the idea that somebody who professes to believe in the staunch rights of individualism could succumb to groupthink is madness. You don’t see it?

“What about Alanis Morissette what are your thoughts on her song Ironic?”
“That’s so dumb! Song is so old, I don’t care about that.”

“You don’t care about the song or you don’t care about irony?”
“Both. Irony has nothing to do with us. Today. Irony has nothing to do with the constitution.”

Admittedly I didn’t understand everything she said (what does that last line mean??) but it was a fascinating glimpse into a passionate group of Americans.

Up next I wanna encounter an Anti-Vaxxer!


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