Real Life Spoilers

So…I suggested to one of the more cheezier ladies in the office check out The Theory of Everything.

“Oh. Ok. Which one is that again?”
“It follows Stephen Hawking’s early life/work and his romantic-marriage to his first wife.”
“First wife??! That’s a spoiler.”

“What? How? No it’s not: everybody knows she runs off with the piano teacher.”
“Oh relax…she takes their 3 kids with her.”

“Seriously? You know it’s Stephen Hawking we’re talking about…he’s got Lou Gehrig’s Disease…s’why his hands are all crooked up here and he talks in a cool robot voice. Like. This.”

“Please stop. The spoilers and the robot voice.”
Turning back to my keyboard I mumble: “Fine. But the robot voice wasn’t that bad.”

We’re silently working for a few moments when:
“Hawking overcomes his physical difficulties and writes a book called A Brief History of Time. It’s a bestseller!”
“It establishes him as a leading scientific authority!”
“God!!! There’s no point in watching this movie now is there?”


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