Reading is FUNdamental…The Unwritten Volume 9: The Unwritten Fables

How does Mike Carey & Peter Gross’ Unwritten keep the quality so high and yet delightfully complex with every trade? Magic? Voodoo? Talent?

Unwritten is the Scotch of comic books…it’ll just improve with age. Crazy how good and smart this series is, panel for panel. I dunno how people read Unwritten monthly. I “need” the trades to absorb all the depth of the story, it’s so dense. (Morning Glories another excellent dense comic book series is the same…way too dense for monthlys!)

My Comic Book Dealer with total delight surprised me with Unwritten Volume 9: The Unwritten Fables…yes the Fables crossover. Sigh…you Fables people! I have a few of you types in my life. You’ll never take me alive!

(Course my My Comic Book Dealer is chortling and declaring victory because I’m finally reading Fables. He finally got Fables into my life. Dammit. When I ran into him recently he’s fishing to find out how I’m enjoying Unwritten Volume 9 aka Fables. “More Fables, Sammy?” Big grin. “No.” This UnwrittenFables crossover this will have to do for You Fables People. So not doing Fables!!)

My ongoing Fables issues aside buckle up with Unwritten. It’s a wild literary white knuckle jaw dropping ride. It’s like KITT driving you to school. Daily.


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