Reading is FUNdamental…The Unwritten Volume 7: The Wound

This weekend’s plans include going HAM on my To Read Pile…I still haven’t touched Joseph Anton Salman Rushdie’s on-the-run memoir or…and I’m so fired…Morning Glories Volume 4 which has been sitting on my desk for weeks now. No pants time badly needed.

(Similarly I can’t stand that forever-time between new comics and pants removal to begin reading. Proclivities aside I’m keeping this short, want to get my nose back into Unwritten Volume 7).

I’ve about 2 more issues to go in this equally impressive Unwritten trade. Previously I thought Ho Lee Chow…Unwritten Volume 6 was a phenomenal way to kick off 2013. So much delicious and nutritious ruckus. Now as I’ve gone deeper into Volume 7 my 2013 is flourishing and I’m convinced #MikeCareyIsBoss should be trending on twitter.

Stories…that’s the one of the thickest most common threads expertly connecting humanity across time and history. When we used to gather round the campfire now we huddle around the glow of a warm monitor.

Unwritten celebrates stories…an inspired exploration of what it means to be well read. There’s also vampires, an evil cabal, bizarre Harry Potter references, magic, comic books and more.

This is an incredibly astonishing series, a perpetual magic act that has me scratching my head trying to figure out how Mike Carey & Peter Gross pulled it off.

Want to treat yourself today? Alright have a pants-off nap but before you do…buy Unwritten Volume 1 (yes you need this in your life and on your bookshelf) and start on the sweetest part of every single story: Page 1.


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