Pssst: Pass It On!

So this is frustrating.

I’d approached a band (these guys make some super duper music) about jumping on board to The SampleBank. Seems win-win…they get exposure, I’m trying to add content. They turned me down, opting to stick with their established marketing strategy.

That isn’t frustrating.

That’s great to have the courage to stick with an established strategy. I wish them much success.

I’m all over the place, like an ADD child hopped on Pixie Stix so I don’t tend to stick to anything for too long.

What’s frustrating is…after I make my pitch, after we discuss SampleBank matters for a bit…they say no (here it comes!) but then…don’t recommend anybody else. Yo!

If you know I’m searching for other bands…why wouldn’t you recommend other bands? Like you friends for example. They just felt it wasn’t right for them and that’s that.

No, it’s not the end. Not. Even. Close.

It’s this lack of compassion I find frustrating.

I know if I am approached to speak or to perform, if I can’t do it (or don’t want to do it) I say no but pass on some names. That’s helpful for the people who are looking to slot talent in and helpful for the names I passed on.

Generosity should be embedded in every business situation. It just makes me so Bruce Banner Hulk-rage.

Even if you think I suck raw eggs, pass on the names of your enemies. S’lot cheaper than ordering 100 pizzas in their name or staying up late to crank call em.

I am willing to concede that perhaps that awareness, beyond oneself and one’s needs may not be normal. This is an Iphone Imac world.

It’s probably what preachers who tried to ban rock n roll in the 60s felt like or parents groups going after comics. It’s so black and white and fundamentally wrong they can’t understand how anybody couldn’t damn Elvis.

In my situation which isn’t as fun as sexual innuendo in a Beach Boys tune or delightfully gory EC Comics I do honestly believe that heightened awareness should become a standard practise. It’s worth incorporating into all business matters. (See how I snuck in “incorporating” in there? Booya!)

Please if you are reading this…the next time you want to say no…go for it. Only this time say no and then add some suggestions. It’ll make the world a better place and maybe…just maybe, buy humanity some good will that’ll delay the Zombie Apocalypse.

So. Frustrating. Ok.

I am gonna go make some Red Rocket tea, put on the Beach Boys and read EC comics. Tomorrow is another day and another battle.


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