Projector Of The Future

Based on the way people freak out when the movie projector breaks down just as the movie starts I can unequivocally confirm we are doomed.

We all sat there, smart…educated and utterly dumbfounded. Well most us…there’s some having trouble accepting this present reality: “What is happening?! Something is wrong!”

A couple of us offered solutions as if that’s leadership: we should tell somebody…maybe get the manager? without moving. They may as well hashtag their ideas on Twitter.

The couple beside me holding hands pulled em apart to both dig out phones and check I dunno what. Turns out what the world needs now is not love but more texts.

The girl behind saw this as a fantastic opportunity to reinforce and repeat the narrative she’s accepted for her life by muttering: “This always happens to me.”

Her friend made a Marge Simpson murmur but didn’t say anything.

I just sat there rationing warm popcorn…I grew up hitting the side of a television designed and disguised as wooden furniture because that’s supposed to improve reception…everything digital eventually disappoints.

I’ve stopped hitting but I dunno if that makes me gentle or loving. I like who I am in the future rather than who I was in the past even as I hope people will accept me in the present.

One of the cinema’s employees showed up to basically tell us there’s a glitch in the Matrix.

Didn’t take long and all of us were happily returned to being in the dark.


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