Project Time Travel Guards

Yo…I’m digging Project Blue Book. The writing could be tighter and the atmosphere creepier (the characters never feel like they’re in danger and even Batman gets licks you know?) but here’s something I’ve been thinking about.

If you had access to a time machine…would you go back in time with all the 2019 gear…cameras with all the pixels etc. and tour well known UFO crashes? Like it’s a time machine so you can time it before the crash and or after the crash. That’d be fascinating.

Although…how many crashes do you think you could check out before sinister and shadowy characters started to appear with malicious intent to permanently prevent you from your investigation?

I say 2 crashes tops!

Because you know…deep down in your heart you know that highly attractive tourist destinations like Roswell and Area 51 are protected for all time…forwards and backwards. It’s one thing to try to get into Area 51 in 2019…it’s another to get into it in the 1950s or whatever date in the past…there’s guards today and there’s time travel guards.

It don’t matter what year you time travel too…you’re not getting access to Roswell and Area 51.



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