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Been approached by a few friends (always better to be approached by friends instead of Jehovah’s Witnesses!) who want to write more…journal more; some listen to music more. Basically they want to more more.

It’s weird…I find people come to me when they want to increase the amount of pop culture they consume…as I seem to consume a lot. I feel pretty average in my consumption…I probably read more books than most people otherwise I’m enjoying the same movies and tv and music as most folks.

(Truthfully what helps is I don’t care about any of the online-social media crap: being first to finish a Netflix tv show, make a comment on a movie trailer etc. We’re still publishing Plato and Shakespeare so everything will be around when I finally get to it. I want to enjoy what I consume not consume it for the sake of validation or some other nonsense.)

All this to say I don’t have a system per say…it’s like anything else in life. If I want to watch something I watch it. However if you want to write more or consume more music then I do have a suggestion:

You can combine habits…for example marginalia. Write notes/journal in the margins of the books you’re reading…react, process even disagree with the writer/character (fiction/non-fiction is all reading; genres are only for bookstores).

Or read books on/by musicians that always prompts me going back to the music (currently reading a Jack White bio.

Never focus on productivity always appreciate quality. On that I can say…no more.


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Ziggy Was Here January 8, 1947 – January 10, 2016

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