Overheard at Toronto Comicon 2019

Since Friday night I’ve been attending Toronto Comicon. Here are some moments I’ve overheard…

“Every since we left the car and came here all I smell is B.O.”

“Yeah, she’s so so smart…like Dumbledore smart. But she talks waaaay too much.”

Little girl in her daddy’s arms: “Daddy! I don’t like this place…everything here is so scary.”

Small child at the urinal next to me…pushes his pants all the way down to his ankles. Basically what Eric B. & Rakim meant with Don’t Sweat The Technique. He proudly says to me: “Look!!! C-3PO!!!” He’s wearing Star Wars underoos.

Yo…stranger danger? Your no-no spot…seriously? His Dad was texting on his phone.

I just left…ain’t got time for C-3PO Jr. Maybe Darth Vader.


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