Out of Nowhere: Steph Curry vs Batman

Steph Curry’s jaw-dropping 32/35 footer to win the game and hearts of NBA fans while stabbing OKC in the front has now established him as a Premier Player.

He was elite before this shot, he was a champion before this shot and he was a superstar before this shot.

Now that shot cemented his status; he has earned the reputation of being consistent, being thrilling and attracting the attention of non-NBA fans. Like Magic and like Jordan he has become an efficient basketball machine capable of delivering impressive wins and improbable victories. (LeBron never reached machine level…his foibles made him all too human).

If anything last year…the year Warriors won it all…was Curry’s first year; a coming out party much like a Rookie Year. This year he is an genuine MVP…thrilling, bold and confident. Last year was a shock seeing The Who?? win it all. This year nobody will Get Fooled Again.

It’s fascinating living post-OKC shot. Now I’m getting non-NBA fans ask who is this Curry guy? And of course the classic…where did he come from? It’s an illusion to suggest somebody came outta nowhere; that he just magically appeared.

Nobody arrives in the NBA fully formed:
Before NBA there was college;

Before college there was high school;

Before high school there was the park;

Before the park there was watching basketball games on TV

You can’t just come out of nowhere and be instantly successful.

Somebody somewhere is working on something fresh.

They may be recording a genre busting album.

Producing an exceptional film.

You may not have heard of them; may not be familiar with what they can accomplish and yet…that does not matter nor does it define em.

This is the Superman lie: that you can naturally fly…nobody trained Superman how to fly.

This is the Superman lie: that you can naturally be strong…nobody weight trained with Superman.

This is the Superman lie: that you can be naturally be invulnerable: work your way up it with the focused power of your mind…nobody trained Superman to be invulnerable.

We are not Superman.
We are Bruce Wayne.

This is our Bruce Wayne truth…that we go on long epic journeys of discovery without a GPS or a map.

This is our Bruce Wayne truth…that we endure setbacks and work through failures.

This is our Bruce Wayne truth…that if we train hard enough; develop patiently and slowly we eventually become…Batman.

It’s possible to become a superhero if you’re willing to make sacrifices.

I reject the lies, accept the truth and work towards coming out of nowhere…just like Batman and Curry.


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