One Rogue: A Star Wars Story

So??! Do the Rebels successfully steal the Death Star schematics?! Yes Rogue OneThe Titanic, the Apollo 13 etc. of Star Wars opens today with its expected ending. (Doctor Who calls em fixed points in time).

Recently talking to a dude at a Christmas party who thought Rogue One was some sort of follow up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I shook my head no…we’ve known since 77? 79? what’s gonna happen in Rogue One. He didn’t believe me…he thought I was pulling his leg. Apparently I’m not as good a con man as Disney is.

Sure the trailers are great but in the end…they didn’t sell me (I know, I know don’t yell at me! Look sell me an original tale something with an intriguing and unexpected ending…I fast forwarded James Cameron’s Titanic to “iceberg right ahead!” because…the characters exist to perish like horny teens in horror movie) though I’m encouraged by the brutality of the Empire.

I’ve never enjoyed most of the Star Wars heroes…Luke, Chewy, BB-8 etc. The Empire always had the coolest characters and freshest gear. It’d be fun to see em do some significant damage to the Rebellion. Crush that New Hope a bit.

Actually it’d be great to see something more in line with Marvel’s Darth Vader series; I enjoyed that…solid ruckus and a brutal well written Vader.

Doesn’t look like Rogue One will offer that; so I’m out.

We each want something different from the upcoming Star Wars movies. That’s cool…I accept my opinions are like pissing in the ocean; they have little effect…Rogue One‘ll make a crapload of money and Disney will make more Star Wars movies and ob la di ob la da…


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