Nothing’s Dying.

Nothing’s Dying.

“Culture has always been doomed. That’s the one thing that has never changed throughout my lifetime. There will never be a point where it will not seem like the culture is doomed.”
Chuck Klosterman

I’m rather fed up with the media’s penchant to issue death certificates…without checking for a pulse.

Vinyl is not dying.

DJ Culture alone will ensure its survival. And as more folks desire a good clean sound to music vinyl albums will sell. They’re fun, they’re handsome additions to any home and music collection, great sound…what’s not to like? (Did pretty good by not dropping a revolution pun of some sort, huh?)

Plays are not dying.

Creative expressions from the dawn of man, they continue to find funding, fans and favour. Granted with not the same cultural impact as movies but go to any major city in North America and you’ll find a playhouse of some sort.

Cinemas are not dying.

If box office receipts are low it’s because Hollywood is peddling trash and the distribution system to view incandescent indies and daring docs is badly broken. People go to the movies for a variety of reasons. They go on date night, to hang out with friends, to make out, because their home life is awful and so many more reasons  never factored into the bottom line. Piracy is not affecting cinemas, overpriced popcorn is. Home theatre systems are not killing cinemas, lousy customer service and appreciation is. (And as my last two sentences aptly demonstrate bad writing isn’t helping!).

Books are not dying, they’re here to stay.

E-books will not replace paper books. They can, with some vision, complement each other but that vision can’t flourish in this current climate of fear and insecurity from possessive publishers. Let the insecurity go and embrace the present.

Like hardwood floors didn’t kill carpet. Like wallpaper didn’t kill painting walls.

Nothing’s dying.

We have the power of attorney. We can decide what to unplug and what to keep alive.

Nothing’s dying.

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Mark Twain


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