NewMusic Ten/S’up Cuz/The SampleBank Interview

This XConnect interview had a huge impact on me. In the past when I’ve done interviews it was typically for 1 product or 1 company, say just a S’up Cuz interview. This interview we discussed everything…NewMusic Ten, S’up Cuz, The SampleBank all kinds of goodness.

I understand how broad interviews make me appear unfocused (I’m sure I appear scattered on this website) however I’ve adopted the exact same business model as Richard Branson’s Virgin (expect space, that I can’t afford…for now). Ultimately I’m motivated by stories: telling my stories or telling the stories of others. The great thing about social media and the web is…the campfire which we all gather around has gotten way bigger. There are not only more stories but now more storytellers. We live in one of the greatest eras!

Anyways this is my story:

Special thanks to Karim Kanji, thirdocean, XConnectTO and Karim Awad of big time design for making this happen. Oh and Harth TV.

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