NewMusic Ten NXNE Showcase Reviews: Raz Mataz Magazine


The charming Olivia D’Orazio…founder and Editor-in-Chief at Raz Mataz Magazine was present at the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase: based on these reviews this lady had an extraordinary time. Musta been the cake…or probably all the hard working fun rockin bands.

Tara Priya at NXNE
“On stage, Priya performs with the same high-energy excitement that she always does. Her voice seems to get better and better with each show. It’s strong and powerful and on point for the entire duration of her performance. ” Read More.

The Lovelocks at NXNE
“And that’s the best way to describe The Lovelocks – they’re a wonderful combination of oldies rock-n-roll and country music.” Read More.

Vibonics at NXNE
“The band then jumps into an upbeat jam reminiscent of parties on a beach. And that’s half of the Vibonics’ set – laid-back, up-beat, fun and exciting. The other half is intense, still fun and upbeat, but with more of a serious energy.” Read More.

The Cheap Thrills at NXNE
“Their songs are also energetic – quick-paced and upbeat, certainly engaging the crowd, which is dancing furiously. Each of the instruments work so perfectly together; it’s fast-and-dirty rock and roll.” Read More.

Bonus: Facebook photos from the NewMusic Ten NXNE showcase and other fine NXNE acts like!

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