Nerd Rage Podcast #1

“You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

Fear the wrath of an angry nerd! Now with even more bad puns…comes the Nerd Rage Rage Podcast. Hosted by myself (Sammy) and a fellow nerd Brian, we’re 2 nerds who hulk out! (Purple pants not required. Especially because all pants are unnecessary. But I digress…)

The first Nerd Rage Podcast:

And just for fun…an End Coda dealing with the Avengers movie:

Pop Culture/Nerd References:
Frisky Dingo
Adam Reed

R2-D2 swear jar
Brown Superheroes
Buying Comics from Pimps In Alleys

Spider-Man Retcon?
Brian vs Dan Slott

Tombstone (movie not the Spider-Man bad guy…)
Zoink soundfx

Sammy thinks Superman’s dead inside
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Amazing Stories (the old school tv show not…like amazing stories in general, you know?)
Captain Picard is Professor X.

Francis Manapul…Toronto represent!

Batman nipples vs Spider-Man dancing…
Avengers Movie…enough ruckus? Good body count? Who says Avengers Assemble?!

Simpsons References:
La Maison Derrière
Ralph Wiggum as President
Homer and grease
Smell You Later

Sammy’s Confused By & The Monthly Comics We Review:
Aquaman #8: Who the heck are The Others??
Fantastic Four #605: Why does Ben hang out with Reed: a jock and nerd together??!
FF #17: Fast Forwarded past any confusion!

All-Star Western #8: Cinnamon really? That name is so not cool.
Batman Beyond #3: Beyond Confusion!
Batman #8: What is the bat signal rules?? Like who goes first? Awkward
The New Deadwardians #2: The cure confuses me, keep thinking of the excellent band
Flash #8: Turbine reminds me of Red Tails. I didn’t see Red Tails.
Swamp Thing #8: we call him Swampy. Swampy vs Alec Holland confuses me.

Comic Book Trades:
Gotham Central: We call him Crispy!
Batman: Evolution

Brian’s Rage:
Marvel No-Prize
Sammy’s terrible puns
Jonathan Hickman leaving Fantastic Four and the next writer:
Dan Slott writing Fantastic Four
Nick Fury Jr.! (Mucho Hulk rage on this topic…)

Sammy’s Rage:
Mister Fantastic vs Professor Freeze
Batman #8…bumrush a man’s home AND his batcave?!
Spider-Man trailer…my arms are crossed!
Roy Thomas…he knows why…
Shazam is the wizard!
Grant Morrision’s Batman run
Pants…stupid society!

S’it. That’s our rage, it’s healthy to get it all out. Thanks for listening. If you have any rage yourself, comments are below.


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