NBA Playoffs Round 1: Look Back

Everybody enjoys doing those predictions about what’s gonna happen before each round but year I’ll look back at each round.

The NBA playoffs are the most magical time of year: talent and hard work finally pays off, freshtastic Nike commercials and of course…winners and losers.

Outside the Kobe Vault in the Staples Center in LA in big letters it says: “THE ONLY STAT THAT MATTERS IS WINNING.” Pretty much sums up the playoffs.

Surprise No. 1:
The Spurs are gone! First they surprise, ok shock, everybody but their fans with a great season, which despite injuries could have potentially been even better. 6 games later they’re playing golf. Crazy.

I can’t imagine it’ll be easy to come back next year; Spurs will probably have to go to Home Depot to start rebuilding.

Surprise No. 2:
The Grizzles won without Rudy Gay. Just goes to show adversity does make you stronger. Still they’re now gonna face the Thunder and I don’t seem em getting past them.

Eyebrows Up No. 1:
The Lakers didn’t seem Lakery against the Hornets. I find Chris Paul overrated in that same camp as Melo. But Lakers have been uneven all season so maybe it’s just what the valley girls say: meh whatever. Plus they’re up against the Mavs who are…the Mavs. They’ll be able to rest against the Mavs who stick to the standard playbook of 1 or 2 rounds in the playoffs and then elimination. Mmmmm status quo.

Eyebrows Up No. 2:
If the Mavs are the Mavs then the Pacers are the Pacers. Bulls seemed a bit out of rhythm or startled like when you shine a flashlight on a drunk hobo. I know the Pacers have made progress this year but still…the Bulls have places to go. And that’s Final! (See what I did there, pretty clever).

Suck City:
The Magic, who were anything but after that horrid trade have rented an apartment in Suck City. Looks like it’s gonna be a long lease too. It’s gotta hurt losing to the Hawks too.

Celtics and Heat…yeah no real surprises. That series is gonna be fun though, I’m counting on the C’s to take out the trash.

So far 1 round won and done in NBA Playoffs 2011. To quote Jay-Z: On to the next one.


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