NBA Playoffs 2020: Game 7!

It’s the second Game 7 of the NBA Playoffs!!

How Sweet It Is.

Though as we saw with the first series: Nuggets vs Jazz the ebb and flow/momentum of a playoff series in the Orlando Bubble doesn’t unfold smoothly or traditionally. It partly explains how a team that was .5 away from being up 3 is now facing a Game 7.

And of course, there’s no home court so the psychology of players and how players feed off energy are all gonna be affected. It’s all weird.

Ultimately Celtics vs Raptors will be determined by the Might of the Midgets: whichever deeply undersized guard shows up will be favoured by success.
One Shall Stand; One Shall Fall!

Great way to kick off the weekend. So getting a large meat lovers pizza for this.


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