National Poetry Month!

Well: April is National Poetry Month.

I’m surprised Poetry doesn’t have a bigger affect on our lives. Especially considering the technologically driven way we live. You’d think Poetry would be bigger than it is. I mean it’s quick, fun, when it’s done well packed with artistic goodness…it’s a literary vitamin for those that don’t have the time or the attention span of a novel. Or even a short story.

Poetry can be fun. I honestly believe that. But somewhere along our journey clumsy burnt out English teachers made it dry and academic.  Tv sit coms ridiculed the spaced out hippie beatnik. There just didn’t seem any space or room in our lives for serious legitimate Poetry.

The best Poetry accurately captures a moment. Frozen in time you can get the luxury of self reflection which granted not many people want. Especially if it’s a regret or a mistake. No matter what the moment maybe it happened. We’ve all said words we wish we could take back. We’ve all had moments of pure and utter bliss (some even with our clothes on). The trick is to aim on getting it right more often than not.

I’m glad we have a month to celebrate poetry but really it should become a lifestyle. I wish I brewed some seriously serious tea more often and sat down with a dog eared copy of a poetry book.

For this month…to celebrate this month every day I’m going to post a poem…30 in all. Feel free to write your comments, send in your suggestions, make requests. Even better write one of your own and send it in. is the email address.

So: won’t you celebrate with me?


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