National Poetry Month: Michael Madsen

Yes…that Michael Madsen, from Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs.  He’s quite good, dunno what me and so many others being surprised about his quality says about him but hey, love is love. Check it out and see for yourself…this do anything for you?


by Michael Madsen
Remember when all the men on the ship said goodnight
to Mr. Roberts, or when
Shane rode off over the mountain?
Kirk Douglas trying for the note on the trumpet.
Jimmy Cagney screaming on top of the tower.
Bob Mitchum going after those kids and
Humphrey Bogart pulling off leeches.
Marlon Brando finding the dead Pigeons on his roof.
Gloria Swanson walking down those fucking stairs and
Bette Davis testing the weight of a rifle.
Chuck Heston finding his mother and sister and
Charlie Bronson getting shot in the Magnificent 7.
Burt Lancaster with his rose tattoo and
Burt Lancaster on Alcatraz.
Kirk Douglas looking at his dead horse in the rain.
Lee Marvin in the Twilight Zone and
Lee Marvin in Point Blank.
Mr. Blonde dancing and
Dennis Hopper with the gas mask.
Steve McQueen laughing in the backseat of a Mercury and
Steve McQueen smiling at the engine
Tim Roth as the only interesting money and
Harry Dean walking and making Paris, Texas. Watching
Paul Newman eating those eggs and
Paul Newman telling
George C. Scott that he wasn’t getting anymore money.
Karl Malden telling Marling he was going to hang and
Karl Malden telling Blanch and
lighting that bent cigarette on the waterfront.
Jack playing the piano.
Jimmy Stewart loving Donna Reed and
Jimmy Stewart doing just about anything.
Fonda in the dust bowl and
Fonda, Jr. on the motorcycle.
Lon Chaney with a thousand faces and
Lon Chaney, Jr. running around with Frankenstein in Creature Features
on T.V. in Evanston.

We are all on the run.
From the richest Maharajah
to the lowest, dirty, stinking pedophile.
The big, the wrong, the last, the found,
the forgotten, the remembered,
the free and all the long timers.

All on the run,
one way or another.

Yesterday I was the answer to 46 Down
in a crossword puzzle
in the L.A. Times

(Sammy: Damn! That was fresh!!)

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