My Paul Bettany Week

I spent the week with Paul Bettany.

My first Paul Bettany movie this week (on January 18th): Creation that Charles Darwin pic where Jennifer Connelly looks like an extra on Little House on the Prairie. I don’t enjoy those ye old-timey movies so it’s got 15 minutes to engage or else I’m gonna nap my way through it. Meh…it’s free.

Second Paul Bettany movie this week (tonight the 21st): Legion he plays an assault-rifle-toting archangel Michael! I, ah, musta been sick that week in Sunday School when they hosted the felt-board-presentation of archangels packing heat. Damn.

Legion Verdict: Yo stay far far away from Legion: it’s not even fun tank, it’s just a Terminator ripoff: stay home and instead watch T1 or T2 back in the days when James Cameron was a real director.


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