My Office Anniversary

Today in 2008 a plucky writer decided to have a room of one’s own and signed a lease for an office near College Park.

I know, Hallmark doesn’t make cards for office anniversaries. And we’re all grateful for that, one less thing to celebrate. Still I figured I should pause and hip hop hooray my office: part Man Cave, part Bat Cave, All Room.

So then here are 6 utterly useless Fun Facts about my office:

My office is above a pizza joint, in the cold winter the warm smell wafts up…so yummy.

Couple of years back a pipe burst, stopped short of my office…I was damage free unlike the offices next to me. Contractor couldn’t figure it out…still asks me about it like I’m into magic.

I do not have a hook for my pants, they just get bunched up on the floor, discarded and unloved like the cloth prisons for my legs they are. Let that be a lesson to the rest of yous.

I’m 5 streetcar stops away from Toronto’s science-fiction library: Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation & Fantasy.

Toys you’ll find in my office: a working viewfinder, a zombied Krusty the clown, a Star Trek enterprise fashioned from the flimsy metal from a discard floppy disk (ask your parents kids).

The 7-Eleven across the street often lets customers sample chicken wings…or rather what we in the business refer to as “a free lunch!”


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