My 2012 NBA Storylines

Happy NBA Season!

Tonight I’m going to my first game of the season, yeah! In my city the home team Raptors suck so I don’t expect greatness. Tonight’s game is against the Pacers, who I do expect big things.

(And…ack! I am going to the game even though, sigh George Romero is presenting a Night of the Living Dead screening. Had to make a choice!).

My NBA storylines this season:
1) Lakers…can they do it? They look deadly. Will they stay healthy?

2) Still hating on LeBron. 1 is fine but Jordan, Kobe, Spurs…got way more than 1 so he’s got a lot to do.

3) OKC…can they bounce back and still play exciting ball?

4) Bulls…can Rose come back? Should he come back this year?

5) Spurs…of course! Go Spurs! (What do you expect them to do?)


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