My 2 Types of People

I hang out with 2 types of people: Nerds and Civilians.

The Civilians are typically kind folk, not always as benevolent as Nerds but there’s still lots of grace. The Civilians still watch Grey’s Anatomy, get excited over the possibility of a Spice Girls reunion and will occasionally throw me a bone by asking me to “explain” a comic book element in the Marvel Movies (it’s an ask with a quiet desperation, hoping I don’t launch into Professorial Mode and we both lose the next hour or three).

And for the most part we can all co-exist, peacefully and bond and love truly the best of humanity as aspired by Coke commercials.

However every now and then I slip up and I’ll casually drop a Nerd Reference into the conversation and it gets as awkward as falling in love with someone’s wife. A sweet Civilian did something nice for me and I concluded: “Your heart man, I don’t think people know…your heart has a Tardis interior.” Which is, I believe…a sweet compliment. If only she’d understood what a Tardis is and what I actually meant.

So instead of a moment we had a trivial.

I leaned over, hugged her, said thank you and left. I beamed back to my realm, she back to her life and we’ll never acknowledge that 2013 wrinkle in time when for a brief moment I made it all awkward.


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