Movie: Hot Tub Time Machine

The title is the plot. Not since the DeLorean DMC-12 or the TARDIS has time travel been so sexy and so much fun.

Wonderfully flawed and inept fools hop into a hot tub that doubles as a time machine transporting them to 1986.

Brilliant. The movie is lewd, crude and so necessary dude.

This is everything you wanted Snakes On A Plane to be…but sadly wasn’t.

And yes there are funny…reallly funny knee slapper moments that are not in the trailer.

Go into this one expecting what it is…the movie doesn’t try to be anything it’s not.

I wish the kind filmmakers had thrown in a few on the nose jokes. I mean come on…you sent John Cusack to 1986…that’s gold! His Stand By Me was out in 86 and in 2 years before that he’d been in Sixteen Candles, The Sure Thing and Better Off Dead. Yet no courage…all you get tossed is one wry line: “I hate the 80s!” Meh…I let it slide. Especially Craig Robinson taking it right to the hole…I dunno how with the past few movies he’s done he is not a House Hold Name?

The expected jerkface-douchebags aren’t nearly douchebagy…that’s another classic 80s movie stereotype they coulda had more fun with. And since they don’t go all the way with them their equally expected comeuppance isn’t as sweet…you won’t sky punch but you’ll “alright man!” nod.

With a movie like this people are inclined to wait for home video but…don’t. As long as your cinema crowd is good, fun and ready to rock n roll you’ll have a blast. So make sure you bring a gaggle of folks with you to make it all happen.

You…you set the tone.

I mean come on…it’s called Hot Tub Time Machine. It’s what the filmmakers would want.

Summary: Go…now…get up and go.


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