Movie: The Dark Tower

So…The Dark Tower movie…Idris does not remove his shirt (which’ll probably the harm box office).

Also the kid Jake is the main character…not the gunslinger. That’s so bizarre: that’s like paying for a Batman movie only to have Robin be the primary storyteller. There’s little to do with the book/series.

(Which is a shame…the visual world you could built using the books as the foundation…man: instead Opie basically went to France or Italy…somewhere nice and only took photos of the hotel room.)

The studio clearly didn’t commit to 7 movies. They want to wait and see how this one does and then go from there. It’s like Chronicles of Narnia…they only made what 3 movies? If this doesn’t set the world on fire it’ll be it…one movie. That’s why it has no subtitle…it’s just The Dark Tower. On the plus side it’s not as bad The Langoliers. So…there’s that.

If you don’t know what a Stephen King is or who a Dark Tower be then it’s a serviceable thriller: Matrix for millennials. Lots of slow motion shooting, searching for the one and decent body count; worth the extra large popcorn.


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