Morning Tea: Star Trek: Voyager Documentary

Star Trek: Picard isn’t working.

It’s partly the cheap Millennialization (which is frustrating because it’s not for you. On this point I side with the gatekeepers).

Tragically Picard may end up in the collection of Star Trek failures: Enterprise and Discovery. Good writing is good writing. So yeah it’s fairly easy to classify them as failures.

Such a waste.

Hopefully whatever follows Picard is much better in execution and most especially deftly avoids corny writing. Just because Discovery and Picard are weak doesn’t erase hope…yet.

There’s a lot…a lot they can do in this universe that is compelling and intelligent: we’ll have to see if the producers have the courage and the talent to execute well. So we wait.

For now I believe in Bono’s line from God Part II:
You glorify the past
When the future dries up

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