199 | Mads Hedegaard (Cannon Arm And The Arcade Quest)

My Summer Lair Chapter #199: What Old School Video Game Could You Play For 100 Hours?

One of the most iconic Superman images and you’ll see it often recreated every Halloween is Clark Kent ripping his shirt open to reveal the super duper S logo underneath. It neatly feeds into the myth that heroes are all around us: at our work, in our coffee shops, in our churches but every so often they suddenly see a dare to be great situation and they’re inspired to rip open their shirt and go off and be a superhero.

As depicted in the documentary Kim Cannon Arm is mostly Clark Kent. An unassuming member of Copenhagen society. However he’s going to attempt something super human: he’s going to play the old school video game Gyruss for 100 hours.

Hence the title of Cannon Arm and the Arcade Quest currently playing at Hot Docs Film Festival. The doc’s director Mads Hedegaard who hails from Copenhagen in Denmark visited My Summer Lair to discuss the “Arcade Quest,” who Kim Cannon Arm is and how video games are perceived in Denmark. Oh and we talk about Nolan movies. No need for a quarter this is a free play.

Cannon Arm And The Arcade Quest @ WT F

Host Sammy Younan

Recorded: Wednesday April 27, 2021 at 12:30pm EST

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