In The Zone of Twilight

Last month I bought a new car and it came with a year of SiriusXM. One of the channels is 24/7 radio plays it’s called Radio Classics!

Oh snap!

I listened to some Sherlock Holmes radio plays…1948! Watson is so foolish. I dunno why Holmes puts up with him. Watson is like a fake narrator: “Oh no! We’re trapped…in a dark room, with no air. Holmes how are we gonna get out?”

I also caught some Superman…1940!, something by Orson Welles…not sure it wasn’t Black Museum. And The Shadow…also 1940s. So enjoying these…even though they’re all massively dated.

I had a Twilight Zone type of thought the other night. Dude marries this woman with a reoccurring nightmare. But over time as they sleep next to each other her nightmare seeps into his dreams! Until finally the nightmare consumes him. She wakes up in an empty bed and sets off to find another man/victim. Oh snap!

Lastly…remember how I watched all 8 seasons of X-Files?

Especially the first 3 seasons…X-Files was written like a Twilight Zone episodes only they were detectives trying to understand what was wrong. In Zone episodes nobody had help…it was all why is this happening to me. Sometimes taking the same concept and offering a unique twist works too!


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