Illuminated Chronicles: SNL-Close Encounter

Hey Girl…do you like comedy sketches about alien abductions?

Not a fan (at all) of Ryan Gosling it’s easy to skip Saturday Night Live just like a little pig-tailed girl with jump rope on recces. Sorry ladies…for me the Notebook is not notable. As for SNL like NBA’s divisive G.O.A.T debate it’s an Indiana Jones booby trap to debate the merits of SNL cast members and eras. (Though I’m partial to Sandler, Farley and company).

41 SNL seasons means lots of jokes but also lots of turkeys…Simpsons is closing in on 30 seasons the quality while generally strong hasn’t always been high, right? So it is what it is…a soft presence always there like the Sun, the moon and Morgan Freeman’s voice.

And yet this was a sketch about alien abductions, atypical sketch material. So I pushed play.

And so glad I did…it’s got 2 classic SNL Hallmarks:
1) Cast Crack Up…Chris Farley’s Matt Foley is a prime example guest Christina Applegate struggled to get the giggles under control but so did the “professionals.” Soon as you have one SNL cast member go rouge—either with an over the top performance or hopefully preferably with improv—it’s hard for anybody to keep it together. Gold!

2) Memorable lines! Simpsons and SNL succeed when they contribute to our pop culture nomenclature. Seinfeld was a slang factory…to quote Lil Wayne: Be Good or Be Good At It.

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