I Was Predestined To See Predestination

So last night I saw a super cool MESSED up movie. My friend J Rock and I hashed out the end…we think we understood how it ended…or do we?

Go if you can: it’s called Predestination with Ethan Hawke (don’t worry!! He acts in this movie, he did the work) and directed by Spierig Brothers (who directed the half-baked Daybreakers: cool concept just pulled it way too soon outta the oven).

Predestination is sci-fi, time travel, sometimes set in 1970s NYC, one of the characters has a sex change (not telling you which genders), government conspiracy, orphans, the same events from different perspectives, there is guns, a mad bomber, super dark without being grim, no true ruckus but lots of mayhem.
Super satisfying.
If you can go…tell me what you think happened: I got a theory.


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