i miss…rock n roll

I miss…rock n roll:

I miss music that keeps me up late at night and is the first thing I think about when I wake up.

I miss making mix tapes. Even when I’m not confident around you, with you…rock n roll can be strong for us both.

I miss music parents demand it be turned down. Immediately.

I miss music that threatens the establishment and all the bullshit values we’re supposed to quietly inherit and inhabit.

I miss desperate politicians fumbling to enforce Christian morals.

I miss calling them bastards.

I miss us vs them.

I miss the leather.
The swag.
The style.
The audacity.
The shock.

I miss the shredding. Extravagant and utterly unnecessary yet divinely beautiful guitar solos.

I miss the dreams.

I miss the hope.

I miss the sword and the shield.

I miss feeling invincible.

I miss freedom.

I miss dreaming.

I miss dancing.

I miss the belief that all things, in all ways are possible.

I miss the sonic windows into the worlds…

I miss New York City.

I miss the UK.

I miss Hey Ho Let’s Go.

I miss rock n roll.


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