Hunger: Don’t Let This Fire, Not Alone

We get together on Friday to plot, plan and to scheme.

It’s fascinating when people are on the same page, when it’s working, when we’ve all collectively and individually decided to move forward.  To recognize and give permission to move forward, to let and give others the freedom to do so as well.  Grow, not just in stature but in vision in desire and in hunger.  Spark that fire deep in your bones, especially with the dawn of winter.

Choose now to not be satisfied but to long and reach for what could be quite unattainable.  The ol is it the destination or the journey quandary.  Both!  Why not this time, with this group of people, why can’t we decide to make it both?  Let’s make this road trip exciting right to the end.

S’why road trip movies are so anticlimactic, once you get there, well that’s that.  Now what?  The momentum of the journey has been halted, the planning the scheming, the overcoming all and every obstacle to get here ceases almost immediately.  Like when a band stops after a long hard tour and just…goes home.

This time…let’s keep going!

Journey and Destination, we want both, let’s reach for both, we’re due.  We’re owed.

Right?  Right…


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