How To Crash TIFF Parties

Alright look if you want to get into Film Festival parties/events etc. the weakest point of security is smokers.

Smoking is still prevalent in the entertainment industry (many celebrities smoke for obvious reasons).
To crash events you’ll need the following:
1) A cigarette carton (score an empty one from a smoker friend or pony up the money and buy 1).

2) A lighter, you can get em from the dollar store. NEVER use matches, you run out, they get wet etc.

Step 1: Search twitter for the event you wanna crash to confirm the location…there will be secret shows.

Step 2: Arrive at the venue and walk around the whole thing, you’ll find at least 1 if not more locations where smokers are milling about.

Step 3: Patience. Keep an eye out for which door the smokers go back into the venue and see what (if any) security is there. Once a while they’ll have a bouncer opening and closing the door, lotta times won’t be anybody.

Step 4: Approach a friendly group of smokers with your empty carton, make sure they’re engrossed in conversation or looking at their phones so they don’t see you suddenly Batman appear. Reveal your empty carton, ask to bum a cigarette. (If you have a pack light it one up…having a pack can be useful if somebody just ran out).

Step 5: Continue gently breaking the ice with your new friends…ask what movies they seen. Or what movies they plan on seeing. Keep the conversation focused on them, less about you. Keep the conversation light: “Oh I’ve heard good things about that movie!”

Step 6: Stamp out your cigarette and walk in with the group. If the bounce notices you, point to your new friends and say I’m with them.

Step 7: Go to the bar and have a shot, you’re in.

Always Be Cool. Don’t wreck it for the rest of us. Act like you belong is the best way to not attract attention.

Lastly have fun!


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