Hospital Cooking

My Dad and I went to visit Chef in the hospital. We walk into his room just in time to witness a classic senior moment unfolding…his hand shaking like a booty in a rap video struggling to bring his cup of tea to his lips.

Emotionally I oscillate between horror and fascination…horror because I know all that tea is not going to stay in the cup and he’ll burn himself and fascination because…I don’t understand how that tea stayed in his cup and successfully made it to his mouth. Whew.

He instantly recognizes me he asking… “Have you graduated university…yet?”
“It’s been a few years.” I weakly admit…some seniors are like time travelers I don’t want em to know how many years they’ve lost.
“What did you study?”
Moment of silence. “Oh.” Moment of silence. “Why? Your English is very good.”

Few minutes later Chef asks: “Are you married?”
I shook my head: Nope.
He starts cackling and holds up his hand…I high five him. “Good for you!” He keeps laughing…well, if laughter is good medicine Chef should be outta here soon.


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