Hidden Gem: Rufus Wainwright “Hallelujah”

Sammy Younan

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On November 7, 2016 we lost Leonard Cohen.

The world is poorer when we lose poets (Unfathomably we lost Bowie and Cohen in one year; I feel defenseless). Rufus Wainwright is synonymous with Hallelujah (so many fantastic covers really but Rufus gives Hallelujah pathos, Leonard gives it weight because dude had weight, poets…yo). Yet rather than the traditional cover…this is Rufus’ Hallelujah with 1,500 singers. Woah. Choir! Choir! Choir! is a venerable Toronto institution. If you’re ever in town join em; that’s the way it works: show up and sing…lend your voice to the choir.

Fun Facts

  • Recommended Viewing: Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man the 2005 documentary by Lian Lunson
  • Recommended Reading: his 2006 poetry collection Book of Longing which concludes with The Flood (one of my all time favourite poems…)
  • Leonard’s song Everybody Knows was heavily featured in Allan Moyle’s 1990 seminal film Pump Up the Volume

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