Hidden Gem: Pusha T feat Kanye West “M.P.A.”

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Yes! The sparse hypnotic production means you can focus on the words; often with rap the beat is the distracting and seductive belly dancer capturing your entire attention. Which is cool since Pusha T has some relevant things to share:

“The three leading killers of you niggas
Is the shit that’s most appealing to you niggas”

M.P.A. = Money Pussy Alcohol:

From Pusha’a Genius annotation: “M.P.A.” is a song that sort of describes my perspective on life and the three vices that I feel like sway people in the world today and sway people in the life, especially in the street life.”

The song says it better; just play it…I have it on repeat.

Fun Facts

  • From his prelude album Darkest Before Dawn released on December 18 which’ll be followed by King Push in April 2016
  • Pusha T is from Virginia…I dunno how or why but that state has also given us: Missy Elliott, Timbaland, The Neptunes and Chris Brown (I guess Chris Brown is not all that remarkable)
  • Be sure to check out Pusha T’s Genius annotations, he does lot of great work on that site breaking down his lyrics, references, meanings etc.

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