Hidden Gem: The Photophonics “Easy”

Following a few inspired listens the following stream of consciousnesses…I dunno what any of it means it’s just what came out.

It’s never just what you see…you rely on only one of your senses to make a judgement that you’ve decided is accurate. It’s more than you see. It’s more than you know.

You speak with broken metrics like an immigrant with broken english: trying to communicate a thought but butchering it with your clumsy logic like a vicious serial killer. You’d be better off not speaking but that’s not gonna happen is it? You wanna fit in it, you wanna get that dopamine hit…you want to be loved so you’ve decided it’s worth it to live in fear.

You give up freedom more willingly than a prisoner at Shawshank and there’s no redemption coming for you: not with what you’ve wrought. The seeds you’ve planted will grow thick weeds choking the life out of this garden…anything beautiful we could have had will burn: you retard progress…progress doesn’t need any advocates like you; it can get ahead without your help thanks but no thanks. The future is more powerful than all of your childish ideas: let it go. You’ve made a mess of the present and your past is unacknowledged disaster an ocean of hurt: so why would I trust you with the future? Your lousy track record competes with your dumb ideas for overall incompetence.


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