Hidden Gem: Lucius “Madness”

How I discovered Lucius…

In early 2013 Mike from PledgeMusic emailed to say “got this amazing band Lucius to play at 6pm.” Dude’s got a fantastic ear so I dutifully located my pants and headed to Tequila Bookworm to check out their CMW industry set.

And my jaw dropped; wow indeed. Their voices, their harmonies, their style. I instantly signed on the bottom line…instantly converted into a fan.

Q: Why are they not bigger? Wildewoman their 2013 debut did well; still shoulda been bigger. They’re back with new music and this should…Turn It Around for em!

Expect Good Grief on March 11.

Sadly that’s not a Peanuts reference according to vocalist Jess Wolfe: “When we started writing for this record, we had been away from home for nearly two years. We had just returned from tour, having gone through such varied emotions—loneliness, sadness and exhaustion alongside excitement, fulfillment and some of the most joyful moments in our lives…Whenever one of us had an idea or a feeling, the other was already a witness to it and could help navigate through it—for the two of us, this usually came in song form.”

Vocalist Holly Laessig adds, “…When considering titles, we wanted to be sure to acknowledge any serious subject matter, while simultaneously allowing ourselves a comic sigh of relief from any personal turmoil. Ha! The yin and yang of the record naturally unveiled itself and, so, Good Grief.”

Ladies and gentlemen this is Madness:


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