Hidden Gem: K.I.D “Errors”

Sammy Younan

Girth Radio Presents…

Jay who runs the kitchen at Pacific Junction Hotel bar says to me…have you heard Kara’s new song? He fires up it up on his laptop like a proud Dad. Kara is one of us…she worked at Pacific Junction Hotel bar and with Errors she is clearly well on her way! Jay and I high fived: it’s so cool to see this happening.

Fun Facts

  • I interviewed Kara and Bobby in early 2015: Listen HERE
  • K.I.D recently finished recording an album with producer Mike Crossey (dude’s worked with Arctic Monkeys, Keane, The Kooks and many more…)
  • K.I.D stands for Kids In Despair…which makes sense considering the articulated anxiety in Errors.

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