Hidden Gem: Jewel feat Dolly Parton “My Father’s Daughter”

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Remember Jewel? I recently caught her Howard Stern interview…I was shocked…as in oh yeah Jewel. Jewel was so big back in the day and then she seemed to disappear; I’d totally forgotten about her. She’s back with a new album; but it’s this standout track that drew my attention.

I can’t begin to grasp the complexity and the depths of a father-daughter relationship…what that unique bond means…how strong that love is (especially when it works). For all the songs we have about love that special topic is rarely explored. Which is a shame; get the sense we’re all the poorer for it.

Also the video opens with the comment “My family didn’t have heirlooms. We had songs” yo, what a fantastic line.

  • Her 12th album (seriously? 12?!) Picking Up the Pieces was released on September 11, 2015
  • Jewel produced Picking Up the Pieces by herself
  • My favourite lyric: “I am the accumulation of the dreams of generations”

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